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1829 BROADWOOD                                                                     

1829 1.jpg

Instead of the metal arches in the two earlier grands, the 1829 Broadwood grand, serial number 11909, has a metal plate and five metal braces to support the tension of its compass of 6½ octaves, CC to f4. Except for the lowest six notes, CC to FF, which are double strung in wound brass, the remainder of the compass is triple strung. The oblong-shape tuning pins are obviously original. In August of 1829 the piano was sent to the United States. At some later date in this country it was fitted with three cambriole legs, replacing the original four legs (as in the 1816 grand). The block into which the tail-end legs were turned was moved about one-half inch in the alteration.

The porter’s book lists this piano being sent to “Mr. Mendelssohn” on June 12, 1829, at 130 Portland Street, where it remained for twelve days. Mendelssohn had arrived in April of 1829 for the first of his many visits to England. 

Once Borrowed by Felix Mendelssohn

1829 main.png
1829 1.png

Name board with brass ormolu.

1829 2.png

Square tuning pins, damper rail, metal bridges, and partial steel frame.

1829 3.png

Pedal lyre, cambriole legs are not original.

1829 4.png

Latch for securing damper rail.

1829 5.png

Handle for lid latch.

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